During the discovery phase we ask the right questions and uncover your brand vision, goals and values. We will define your target audience and assess if there are any gaps in the market that you might be able to fill with your product/service. We delve into your customers buying journey and make sure they have a positive experience interacting with every touch-point of your brand, whether digitally or in a physical space. 


With the strategy in place, it’s time to give your business a powerful visual identity. Through the creative direction we will establish the personality of your brand, uncover the right color palette and type suite that best translates the values of your business. 
Then we move onto the logo design, corporate assets, packaging and brand guidelines, which is a document that will ensure the visual identity is maintained across all media outlets in the future.  


Through the design of physical spaces we are re-defining the way brands are experienced in the real world. We understand the digital era is constantly changing the way we interact with our environments, so we approach every project with the evolving shopping experience in mind. 
We specialize in retail, commercial, pop-up’s and brand activation projects. During the concept design stage we incorporate your brand’s DNA into the space, define materials and finishes and help you visualize the project through 3D images. Then we move onto the technical CAD drawings & detailing, which you will use for construction. 

*We also offer these services individually, in case you’re not ready to commit to a full branding  experience. 

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