common questions

What services do you offer?


We offer a range of services, including brand strategy, brand identity design, retail design, pop-up store design, 3D virtual store design, packaging design, and more.

How much do your services cost?


Our services are tailored to each client's specific needs and requirements, so the cost can vary depending on the scope of the project. We provide customized proposals that outline the costs and deliverables for each project.

What is your process like?


Our process begins with a consultation call to understand your needs and goals. We then conduct research, develop concepts, and present them for your review and feedback. Once the concept is finalized, we move into the design and development phase, and we keep you updated every step of the way.

How long does a project typically take?


The timeline of a project can vary depending on the scope of the project and the services required. We provide a timeline with each customized proposal, and we work closely with clients to meet their desired deadline.

How many revisions do you offer?


We offer a number of revisions (usually 2-3) based on the project's scope and requirements. We work with clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the final product and are happy to make adjustments as needed.

Do you work with clients worldwide?


Yes, we work with clients all over the world, and we're used to collaborating remotely. We can schedule virtual meetings, share files through online platforms, and ensure the communication is seamless throughout the project.

How do I book your design services?


To book our design services, simply fill out the inquiry form on our website. We'll then set up a free consultation call to discuss your project and determine if we're a good fit. If we are, we'll provide you with a tailor-made proposal and contract. Once everything is agreed upon, we'll set up a client portal for you on Notion where you'll have access to all project files and updates.

What kind of files will I receive when my design is completed?


The files you'll receive upon completion of your design project will vary depending on the type of service you've requested. Typically, we provide clients with high-resolution image files in various formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.) as well as any necessary vector files (AI, EPS, etc.) for use in future projects. We'll also provide you with any design specifications and guidelines to ensure that your branding remains consistent and effective.

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